Kindergarten Registration Process

~Kindergarten Registration Process~

Pre-registration begins in January

Information packets are mailed to parents in February
Information packets outline the complete registration process including dates for future incoming kindergarten events, mailing information is gathered from the pre-registration link. 

Parent Orientation Night is in March 
This evening parents will meet the staff members of our school, receive specific forms necessary to complete the registration process, and there will be an informational session along with a question/answer session.

Connecting with Kindergarten is at the end of March 
Incoming kindergartener will hear a story and participate in a related activity with the teaching staff while parents will participate in a discussion group with the school administrator and support staff

Kindergarten Experience is in April 
Incoming kindergarteners will participate in drawing, cutting and counting activities; they will also listen to a story and interact with peers while parents meet with administration and the nurse to discuss completed forms. Parents will RSVP for one of the four sessions offered. 

Incoming Kindergarten Bus Ride in June 
Incoming kindergarteners and parents will meet with a bus driver, review bus safety and the child will take a short bus ride.